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Green For the Planet

       What good is relief for you without relief for your home? What good is relief that fails to relieve the guilt of purchasing products that prioritize profits over the planet we live on? Green Potions puts in place several policies to make our answer to these questions crystal clear.

       We use glass where other companies use plastic. Though cutting out plastic completely would lead to more emissions from shipping available alternatives and increased prices for customers that might otherwise switch over from full-plastic packaging, we minimize our plastic use to jar lids and other closures.

       We offer a 10% refill discount to customers that save their jars or bottles for re-use. This helps reduce waste and shipping emissions and fosters a culture of sustainability through re-use commonly commercially confined to small breweries and expensive bottles of fancy milk.

       We are leading the movement to charge a 10% fee for transactions using cards from the four top funders of fossil fuels (Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, and Bank of America). The point of this is neither punishment nor monetary gain; in fact the vast majority of customers with these cards end up paying with cash or Venmo, avoiding the fee. It is more of a way to get the word out about the importance of divestment from practices that are toxic to us and our home. See for more info.

       We offer free products as a present to customers who take the initiative to lead their workplaces, schools, non-profits, or religious organizations to divest from fossil fuels and the financial institutions that fund them.

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