3 Ways to order

Payment processing for CBD is expensive. To keep our prices so low, we offer some alternatives instead:

1) Venmo

Email the product(s) you want and shipping address to HeyGreenPotions@Gmail.com, then download the popular payment app Venmo and send your payment to @greenpotions. Shipping is free for a limited time. 7548.

 2) Honor system check by mail

Shipping products before receiving payment is unheard of for most companies.

Good thing we're not most companies!

Just email us a picture of a filled out and signed check written to Maxwell Goodwin and envelope addressed to

1404 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA, 98112

along with your chosen product(s) and shipping address. Shipping is free for a limited time.

To get you the Releaf you need as soon as possible, we will actually mail your products before receiving your check! Then please mail the check. This part is important. Don't ruin this system for everyone else.

3) In person*

Normally you can find us Saturdays at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall or Sundays at the Fremont Sunday Market. We may be at markets much less frequently during Coronavirus pandemic, so for the foreseeable future shipping will be free. Feel free to send an email first to see if we will be there and make sure the product you want is in stock that day. HeyGreenPotions@Gmail.com



Seattle, WA, US