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To keep our prices low and our shipping free, we do not offer credit card processing, but accept Venmo, Paypal, or check by mail (on an honor system so we can ship your order ASAP).

Just email with the items you'd like to order and the address you'd like them sent to, and pay

@greenpotions on Venmo  (7548) or

Paypal.Me/PayGreenPotions or

click here for pay-by-mail instructions.


CBD Oil: Our organic, THC-free CBD in MCT oil, the richest part of coconut oil and a health food good for metabolism and brain health. Some customers describe this as flavor-less, while others notice a slight coconutty or buttery flavor. Take sublingually (under the tongue) or add to food or drink. Perfect for insomnia, stress, anxiety, pain, or inflamation.


*All in 30mL (1 fluid ounce) bottles. Dosage recommendations included. 


CBD Magic Muscle Melt: A topical concoction of soothing essential oils and other incredible ingredients including healing helichrysum and roman chamomile flower oil, topped off with a powerful dose of our organic, THC-free CBD. Customers rave about the relief from pain and inflammation this product gives them. Creates a cool heat sensation that some describe as similar to menthol or popular heating/cooling patches. Opens up your pores to get the CBD right where it needs to be.

*Same powerful product available in 50mL or 120mL jars. 

CBD Vegan Honey: Made with all organic apples, lemon, vegan sugar, and healing herbal teas and flowers, this "honey" doesn't have any bees in it but the "B" in "CBD"! To many customers it tastes just like honey. Others notice and enjoy a slight apple flavor. One thing's for sure: It tastes like relief!


*All in 120mL (4 fluid ounce) jars. Dosage recommendations included.

CBD (Milligrams)        Price*        Value


0 (just "honey")            $8                NA

500                                    $30             6¢ per milligram

1000                                  $50             5¢ per milligram


*Before sliding scale and refill discount                 

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